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Tandy/Radio Shack Red Arrow Buggy (1988)

tandy-radio-shack-red-arrow-buggy-001With R/C still at peak popularity in 1988, Tandy/Radio Shack filled their stores with a range of off-road vehicles, and one of the very best was the Red Arrow Buggy.

A popular ‘little brother’ to their top-of-the-line Golden Arrow Buggy (manufactured by Nikko), the Red Arrow was actually manufactured by an entirely different company. And as such, gave it’s ‘sibling’ quite a run for it’s money…

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Taiyo Fast Traxx (1990)

Taiyo Fast Traxx

Taiyo Fast TraxxAs the 1990s began, Japanese toy manufacturer Taiyo was in the middle of a winning streak. And their latest sensation – the rubber tracked ‘Fast Traxx’ would go on to become one of their biggest hits.

Who knew that a toy with tank tracks could move so damn…fast?

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