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Tandy/Radio Shack Turbo Beetle (1987)

Tandy/Radio Shack Turbo Beetle

Tandy/Radio Shack Turbo BeetleAn off-road baja bug sold at Tandy/Radio Shack stores for just one year, in the mid-late 1980s. But such an eye-catching model that it remains well-remembered.

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A merry retro-toy Christmas!

Kyosho Sand Master


Well it’s that time of year again. And if certain news articles are to be believed, retro toys are back in fashion and are among the most popular gifts this year!

So will you be giving – or getting – any retro style toy items? And have you been buying them in stores, or online?


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Tamiya Hotshot (1985)

Tamiya Hotshot

Tamiya HotshotIn hobby-grade R/C, 1985 was the year when four-wheel-drive buggies hit the mainstream.

And Tamiya was quick to the market with the phenomenal, and now legendary Hotshot.

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Tandy/Radio Shack White Tiger Turbo Buggy (1989)

Tandy/Radio Shack White Tiger Turbo Buggy

Tandy/Radio Shack White Tiger Turbo BuggyA low, sleek space-age buggy with a single bubble window beneath which no scale-size human could possibly fit. Back in 1989, this was…the future!

Welcome to the mid-priced, Nikko power of the White Tiger Turbo Buggy…

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