SOLD: Tandy/Radio Shack Wild Ranger

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Tandy/Radio Shack Wild Ranger
SOLD: AU$120 on 4th March 2016
Scale: 1/16 (approx)
Type: Ready To Run
Year of release: 1990
Condition: Genuine Vintage. Near New In Box. Very clean. 100% Working.
Battery compartment condition: Clean/Working
Batteries Required: 4 x C, 1 x 9 volt (Car). 1 x 9 volt (Transmitter)


This Tandy/Radio Shack Wild Ranger is very near to being new in box, with minimal wear. It has been tested and is 100% working – including the 4WD transmission and 2 gear speeds.

The whole vehicle is basically like-new. The tyres are mint, and the car still has that “brand new smell”. The only signs of wear are some scuffs to decals on the corners of the front bumper, and on the corners at the rear, suggesting that it was driven maybe a couple of times, but most likely just on a clean surface (as there are no real signs of dirt/dust). The vehicle is extremely clean.

The box is excellent, perhaps a 9 out of 10. The polystyrene inside has some minor wear, but the inserts are included, as is the owner’s manual.

Please see the photos to understand the condition. Feel free to contact me to find out more.


The Tandy/Radio Shack Wild Ranger was custom manufactured by Taiyo, for Tandy/Radio Shack Corporation, where it was sold in 1990. Based on the exact same platform used by Taiyo’s previous model, the Big Roader (sold famously at Tandy as the “4×4 Off Roader”), this is a 4WD truck with working differentials and 2 gear speeds. Just like the 4×4 Off Roader, in low range it has loads of torque for climbing over obstacles, while in high range it cruises along at a fun pace that makes for enjoyable backyard racing. Taking their design cues from previous “big rig racing truck” models by Nikko like the Wild Horse, or from hobby grade releases from Tamiya like the Bullhead, this is an attractive and robust R/C truck from Taiyo of Japan which is made from quality materials (solid plastics, soft but long-lasting rubber tyres), the kind you don’t really find these days in ready-to-run toy grade R/C cars. It operates on 27MHz.

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