SOLD: Tamiya RC Back Pack

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Tamiya RC Back Pack
SOLD: AU$150
Year of release: 1987
Condition: Brand New. Never Used.


In the 1987 Tamiya model catalogue, on page 31, you can see this extremely rare piece – the original Tamiya R/C Back Pack.

This is a heavy, strong canvas style back pack made by Tamiya, specifically designed for carrying an R/C car. Inside, there are thick, white plastic side boards that are used to form the back pack into a square shape. There is also a separate fabric pouch which I believe is for storing your radio transmitter. Also included are an additional shoulder strap, and pockets on the outside of the back pack for storing smaller items.

Truly an old school way to transport an R/C car – and designed with 1970s and 1980s vintage Tamiya models in mind.

In Tamiya’s own words:

This is a multipurpose and a fashionable canvas back pack in khaki that comes in handy for transporting your R/C car, tools, radio equipment and batteries. It makes bicycle riding easy and fun. The back pack can be also used as a shoulder bag by adjusting the belt strap. The set includes a pouch for your proportional unit.

This item is mint – brand new. Never used. I have only ever seen one or two other examples of this item in all my years, and never a brand new one. Don’t miss out.

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