Tyco Turbo Hopper

Tyco/Taiyo Turbo Hopper in R/C Car Action, 1986

Tyco Turbo HopperIn 1986, R/C hobby magazines were a lot more unassuming than they are today. And the toy-grade Tyco/Taiyo Turbo Hopper was actually featured in an article and review by the glossy Radio Control Car Action magazine in the USA. This was a publication normally reserved for hobby grade products only, so no wonder the Hopper was so popular.

Since so much of my traffic on this blog is from people looking for information on the Tyco/Taiyo Turbo Hopper or Jet Hopper, I thought I’d better upload this extra tidbit…

Below are scans from a 1986 issue of Radio Control Car Action magazine from the USA. This early issue featured the Tyco/Taiyo Turbo Hopper. Proof perhaps, that there wasn’t always such a divide between “toy grade” and “hobby grade”. Largely because the toy-grade models of the 1980s were pretty high quality themselves.

All parts of the article are included below. Enjoy.

Tyco Turbo Hopper

Tyco Turbo Hopper

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