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Retro-mania and the race for original 80s toys

retro-maniaIt’s no secret that there’s a booming market out there for retro items, particularly toys. A lot of companies are remaking products or brands as a result, and more seem to appear every month.

All of the big decades of toys feature as a source for these revivals, but the 1980s seem to get special attention. I have a theory as to why – and it isn’t just because kids of the 80s now have incomes. I think 1980s toys were particularly primed to become collectibles in the future.

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Collecting vintage R/C models

Collecting Vintage R/C models

Collecting Vintage R/C modelsAs this website was created to share my ramblings about the toys I’ve collected over the years, I thought I’d take a moment to talk a bit more generally about what I like to collect, and why.

So please forgive the fairly prosaic title of this post, as I go back to basics and look at the philosophy behind a lot of my own toy collecting (and perhaps you’ll have a think about why you collect as well).

I’ll also use this opportunity to sneak-in some views about collecting in general, my opinion on things like remakes and reproduction items, and a new UK TV show about people with huge collections. Read More…

No Season 4 of “Toy Hunter”?

Jordan Hembrough from Toy Hunter

Jordan Hembrough from Toy HunterThe popular vintage toy based TV show “Toy Hunter”, hosted by Jordan Hembrough, is apparently now on indefinite “hiatus”, and is unlikely to return.

Will we ever see another vintage toy show like it?

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Is eBay over? (for collectibles)

ebaylogoBack in the early days of eBay, the site functioned as a clearing house for garage sellers and traders of collectibles.

These days, I feel as though small-time collectors and enthusiasts are actively being pushed off the site, in favour of ‘stores’. Because every new update to eBay’s fees seems to punish the little guys.

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