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Metro/Taiyo Jet Hopper (1986)

metro-taiyo-jet-hopper-001Despite having already written about the original Taiyo Jet Hopper, plus it’s American release the Tyco/Taiyo Turbo Hopper, I also wanted to share some additional photos and clippings relating specifically to the Jet Hopper in Australia.

And since 2016 actually marks the 30th Anniversary of the release of the Jet Hopper worldwide, this seemed like the perfect excuse for one more article about this legendary R/C toy. So let’s enjoy some memories of the Jet Hopper as it was “Down Under”, here in Australia…

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Tyco/Taiyo Turbo Hopper (1986)

Tyco Turbo Hopper

Tyco/Taiyo Turbo Hopper

The Tyco/Taiyo Turbo Hopper was a hugely popular R/C toy buggy in the USA in the mid 1980s.

It was the US release of the original Taiyo Jet Hopper of Japan – a popular ready-to-run R/C buggy with a spare tyre on it’s roof, which was making waves in the international toy market.

With the help of Tyco’s glossy marketing and exciting TV commercials, the US model sold in phenomenal quantities over several years from the mid to late 1980s. Let’s look back at the Turbo Hopper, it’s popularity, and even it’s distinctly American TV commercials featuring the buggies jumping along dusty country roads (set to banjo music of course!).

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