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Tomy Radica A Lancia Stratos (1978)

Tomy Radica A Lancia Stratos

Tomy Radica A Lancia StratosA 1/12 scale R/C model from Tomy that you’ve probably never heard of before, the “Radica A Lancia Stratos” was a 70s kid’s chance to drive the legendary Stratos rally car.

It had advanced features for the time such as a working differential, working indicator lights, Digital Proportional transmitter and more.

Let’s take a look at this lost gem from Tomy.

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Kmart Moto-cross Racing Bicycles (1980)

Kmart Moto-Cross Racing Bicycles

Kmart Moto-Cross Racing BicyclesA perpetual motion racing ‘game’ made by Japanese toy geniuses Tomy, in which little bicycles race around a track forever. There used to be lots of these motorized track games in the 70s and 80s – perhaps you had something similar?

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Tandy / Radio Shack Robie Junior (1987)

Tandy / Radio Shack Robie Junior

Tandy / Radio Shack Robie JuniorThe 1980s wasn’t just an era of R/C cars, but an era of cool (and expensive) new R/C toys of all kinds. And one of the most alluring was the notion of having your own personal robot assistant to run around the house, ferrying drinks, impressing your friends and confusing your pets.

Did you have a Robie Junior?

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Tomy Air Jammer Road Rammer (1980)

Tomy Air Jammer Road Rammer

Tomy Air Jammer Road RammerA toy powered by nothing but air? How cool was that? Answer: very cool, particularly if it was released in 1980 and looked like some kind of futuristic moon buggy.

This was Tomy’s first ever “Air Jammer” toy…

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