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Lost Hobby Shops: Dick Smith Electronics

Dick Smith Electronics

Dick Smith ElectronicsThis month, Australia loses another “hobby” store when Dick Smith Electronics shuts it’s doors for good, after 48 years.

I really enjoyed visiting DSE stores while growing up in the 1980s, just as I did with Tandy stores – mainly due to the toys.

So if anyone else can remember the days when they sold Tamiya R/C cars, electronics kits, and some of the 1980s coolest robot toys, then let’s take a look at some archive material that proves they really were a fun store to visit back in their heyday.

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Tandy / Radio Shack Robie Junior (1987)

Tandy / Radio Shack Robie Junior

Tandy / Radio Shack Robie JuniorThe 1980s wasn’t just an era of R/C cars, but an era of cool (and expensive) new R/C toys of all kinds. And one of the most alluring was the notion of having your own personal robot assistant to run around the house, ferrying drinks, impressing your friends and confusing your pets.

Did you have a Robie Junior?

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Vintage Australian Christmas Commercials

Tandy Australia Christmas Commercial (1987)

1986 Tandy CommercialWith Christmas approaching once more, I always find myself reminiscing about old Christmas memories in the 1980s in Australia – hot summers, cool toys, and even cheesy TV commercials.

Here are a few more Australian Christmas commercials (some featuring toys) from the 1980s and early 90s…

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