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The R/C cars of the film “Malcolm” (1986)

Malcolm - Tamiya Sand Scorcher

Malcolm - Tamiya Sand ScorcherIn 1986, a low-budget Australian comedy called Malcolm featured a Tamiya Sand Scorcher R/C VW buggy in what you might even say was a “Supporting Actor” role.

Little-known outside Australia, the film was a local success. And on a tiny budget, it’s portrayal of a social recluse whose love of toys and gadgets leads him to become mixed-up with a couple of aspiring bank robbers had a quintessential Aussie blend of humour, characters and pathos.

All up, you should spot two R/C cars in the film, plus lots of other cool 1980s gadgets.

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A quick guide to Vintage vs Remake Tamiya R/C kits

Tamiya Wild OneFor newcomers to vintage Tamiya R/C cars, or people just starting to think “I used to have a Tamiya…”, hunting down and collecting the cars from the 1980s is a little trickier these days than it used to be because Tamiya has now remade many models – and the remakes are different!

So if you want to re-live your childhood with a truly original Tamiya, here are some quick buying tips.

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Racing drivers and R/C cars

Ayrton Senna in 1985, holding a Tamiya Hotshot

Ayrton Senna in 1985, holding a Tamiya HotshotDid you know that Ayrton Senna owned a Tamiya? Or that Peter Brock once opened an off-road R/C track?

I dug through my old magazines and other materials, to gather together some rarely seen photographs of famous racing drivers messing about with R/C cars, mainly from the 1980s.

This post was last updated on 16th April 2015

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Lost Hobby Shops: Yennora Hobbies – Part 2

Yennora Hobbies

Yennora Hobbies

After my original article about the lost Sydney hobby shop “Yennora Hobbies”, R/C Memories was contacted by Yennora Hobbies’ former owner and co-founder Brent Fox, who ran the store for almost 30 years.

Brent kindly offered to share some of his memories and even some old photographs of the store.

So it’s been my pleasure to put together a little “part 2” of the Yennora Hobbies story…

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