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A quick guide to Vintage vs Remake Kyosho R/C kits

kyosho-vintage-vs-reissue-000While less well-known to most backyard R/C drivers than Tamiya, Kyosho was another Japanese icon of 1980s R/C modelling who created a range of stunning, high-end, kit-based vehicles in their heyday – often with a race-winning edge.

Like Tamiya, original examples of their early R/C models are now highly sought after by collectors.

Some of those kits are now being remade as well, and the new models are different. So if you’re nostalgic for the original Kyosho models, here are some quick buying tips to help identify them.

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Kyosho Scorpion (1982)

Kyosho Scorpion

Kyosho ScorpionThe original Kyosho Scorpion was both a beautiful kit-based off-road 2WD R/C buggy based on a real-life vehicle, and a milestone in R/C racing.

Today, it’s a highly collectible and historically significant vintage R/C kit.

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