SOLD: Yonezawa Wolfhunter 4WD

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Yonezawa Wolfhunter 4WD
For Sale: AU$90 on 12th of September 2017
Condition: 10/10. New in box.
Scale: 1/12
Type: Ready To Run
Year of release: 1987
Batteries Required: 8 x AA (Car). 1 x 9volt (Transmitter)

Any vintage R/C model I sell has been personally tested and assessed.
About this example…

✔ New in box.
✔ 100% vintage. Made by Yonezawa in Japan from 1987.
✔ 100% working. Including 2 speed gearbox.
✔ Battery compartments mint
✔ Transmitter included
✔ Box included
✔ Tyres are 100% brand new. No cracking.
✔ Decals mint.

Conclusion: A very rare brand new example of the Yonezawa Wolfhunter 4WD, with original box. Box has a little wear, but is good overall. Vehicle is mint. Certainly one of the only examples you’ll ever see of a buggy this obscure, in this condition. Priced according to rarity, condition and past examples I have sold.

Please see the photos to understand the condition. Feel free to contact me to find out more.


By the 1980s, many Japanese toy companies had entered the R/C market, and the old tin toy manufacturer Yonezawa was no exception. After the success of their Land Dash and Missiler buggies in 1984, they continued to make a variety of R/C vehicles. While no others were 540-motor powered, some – like the Wolfhunter 4WD – offered typically interesting Japanese solutions to the challenge of making good quality ready-to-run R/C buggies. The Wolfhunter is a shaft-driven 4WD buggy featuring realistic looks, oval block tyres, and good response. Featuring two gear speeds and quality materials throughout, the Wolfhunter was one of the first ready-to-run 4WD electric buggies on the market.

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