SOLD: Yonezawa Wild Champ

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Yonezawa Wild Champ
SOLD: AU$80 on 20th April 2016
Scale: 1/15
Type: Ready To Run
Year of release: 1986
Condition: Genuine Vintage. Very good. Very clean. Used, but 100% working.
Battery compartment condition: Clean/Working
Batteries Required: 6 x AA (Car). 1 x 9 volt (Transmitter)


This Yonezawa Wild Champ is in fine condition, extremely clean and with very minimal wear. It has been tested and is 100% working, including the 2 speed transmission.

Those fat, balloon style tyres are basically brand new with no wear. The only real signs of wear on this car are some light scuffs to the underside of the vehicle, and some edge wear to a few decals. Most of the decals are excellent however, and the car presents very well.

The box lid is pretty decent and presents well. The polystyrene base has a lot of wear, but it’s still there. Sitting on the shelf, the car and box present very well together.

This is a very nice, clean, working example of this very retro style R/C buggy, from way back in 1986.

Please see the photos to understand the condition. Feel free to contact me to find out more.


The Yonezawa Wild Champ was a small, but realistic looking R/C buggy produced by Yonezawa in 1986, when ready-to-run toy R/C buggies were only just hitting the market from a number of Japanese companies. With it’s roll cage body and fat, spikey tyres, and real brand sponsor logos, the Wild Champ was basically a miniature version of the Yonezawa Missiler, which was a 1/10 buggy that was a sister model to the popular Yonezawa Land Dash. Made in Japan and featuring two gear speeds, a version of the Wild Champ was also sold at Tandy/Radio Shack stores during 1987 and featured different decals. It remains a really cool looking little retro buggy, and back in the mid 1980s it was also many people’s first R/C buggy.

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