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Tomy Chatbot
Year of release: 1985
Condition: Excellent, very clean, working – except for the recording function.


This auction is for a vintage 1985 Tomy Chatbot robot, in great condition.

I have tested him and the voice recording ability no longer seems to work – this is a very common issue with these toys, even when unused. I’ve been honest enough to declare it. Be warned however – most other sellers of Tomy Chatbots either don’t bother to test them, or don’t mention that they can no longer record sounds.

All the other functions (R/C movement, lights etc) of this Chatbot work perfectly, and the unit looks to have been barely used. There are a couple of small marks on him, but he is very clean overall. Have a look at the underside (see photo) – there’s hardly a mark there. Normally they can be quite scratched underneath from running.

It comes complete with the original box in good condition (there’s a split down one side), serving tray, remote and instructions.

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