SOLD: Tamiya Hornet Body Set

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Vintage Tamiya Hornet Body Set.
SOLD: AU$120 on 8th February 2017
Condition: NIP (New In Packet). Mint.


For sale here is an original vintage 1980s Tamiya Hornet body set, complete with all parts. This body set is ideal for someone who has an original vintage Tamiya Hornet in need of a new body, and who wants to keep the car original (not using remake or repro parts). This body set is guaranteed to be 100% vintage original, with original decals, driver figure and antenna tube. The body’s originality can be confirmed by how it is molded (e.g. the rear window area is precut on the original), the absence of overspray film, etc. The decal’s originality can be confirmed by the use of real sponsor brands, not fake brands. And the driver tree can be confirmed by the embossed writing on the sprue.

Back in the 1980s, most Tamiya R/C body sets came in boxes. But a few (like the Hornet, Hotshot, Frog etc) were sold in packets like this one. They were identical to the boxed type, just in a packet.

Please note that this is a rare genuine Tamiya spare part from the 1980s. Once sold, I may not be able to source another.

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