SOLD: Taiyo Lamborghini Countach LP500S

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Taiyo Lamborghini Countach LP500S
SOLD: AU$325 on 14th March 2016
Scale: 1/12
Type: Ready To Run
Year of release: 1987
Condition: Near new / Excellent. Very clean. 100% working.
Battery compartment condition: Clean/Working
Batteries Required: 8 x AA (Car). 1 x 9 volt (Transmitter)


This Taiyo Lamborghini Countach LP500S is in excellent condition – complete and near new in box.

This is the very rare, original Japanese release of Taiyo’s legendary twin-motor Lamborghini Countach LP500S, where the car takes 8 x AA batteries and comes in the original black Taiyo box. (The model was later released in the USA under Tyco/Taiyo branding where it was called the “9.6v Twin Turbo Lamborghini”, which is the more common variety).

The model is outstanding – clean, 100% working, and complete with the rare original black box and all paperwork. Included are the original manual, spare parts sheet, Taiyo brochure, and spare new in packet steering clips. The box is excellent – about 8 or 9 out of 10, and the polystyrene is great too, with inserts included.

The only signs of wear are a few very minor scuffs on the underside and near the bumper, a tiny bit of edge wear on a couple of decals and the chrome rims.

The tyres are basically as-new, and it’s hard to see any wear. This model has done very low mileage. The body and decals are outstanding with barely a mark. The rear vision mirrors are included, and still have their mirror decals.

It has been tested by holding it aloft (not on a surface) and all functions are “as new” – the 2 speed transmission and “turbo” function all work perfectly. If you’ve never seen one of these cars before, for their time they were very fast – thanks to having twin motors. It is rated for 31km/h, and that’s no joke – at top speed, this model will rival most 1980s Tamiya models for top speed.

If you’re looking for a complete, beautiful, clean Taiyo Lamborghini Countach LP500S in the rare original black box from 1987, this may be the one for you.

Please see the photos to understand the condition. Feel free to contact me to find out more.


The Taiyo Lamborghini Countach LP500S was a twin-motor, 2 speed, authentic R/C model of the legendary Lamborghini Countach in it’s most spectacular revision. It was one of Taiyo’s first models to feature the idea of twin motors, utilizing two Mabuchi RS-280 motors, and was capable of 31km/h, making it the equal fastest model released by Taiyo, and fast enough to rival the speed of some kit-based models. It is said to be 1/12 scale, but is quite large and looks closer to 1/10. The styling feels very authentic to the real car, yet it also has spring suspension and good ground clearance to enable it to run easily over smooth surfaces even when they have a bit of dirt or debris on top. Released in 1987, it was one of Taiyo’s classic “black box” series and is one of the most sought after models from that era due to it’s great looks and immensely fun performance. It was also sold in the USA under Tyco/Taiyo branding, where the model featured fewer decals, and in Europe under Dickie/Taiyo branding.

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