SOLD: Shinsei 4WD Range Rover Paris-Dakar Safari

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Shinsei 4WD Range Rover Paris-Dakar Safari
SOLD: AU$300 on 18th April 2016
Scale: 1/16
Type: Ready To Run
Year of release: 1983
Condition: Genuine Vintage. NIB (New In Box). Original. Complete.
Battery compartment condition: Mint/New
Batteries Required: 8 x C (Car). 4 x AA (Transmitter)


This is about as rare as they come – a mint/unused Shinsei 4WD Range Rover Paris-Dakar Safari, released in 1983.

This vehicle is brand new, unused. To ensure that it still works after all these years, I have tested it by holding it aloft (not on a surface) and testing all operation. All aspects – the 4WD/2WD, the 2 gear speeds, the roof lights – work 100% perfectly, brand new from the factory.

While the car and transmitter are in as-new condition, the only flaw is that the original box has a lot of wear. It’s as if some residue was sprayed and dried on the front of it, and there are some box tears which have also been repaired. It holds together ok, and the box side photos actually aren’t too bad. The polystyrene base is also fine. So you just have to take the view that “at least it still has the original box”, and it’s a safe place to keep the car.

The Shinsei 4WD Range Rover is a sister-car of the Shinsei Mountain Man. In the past, I have sold several new in box Mountain Mans for AU$500 each. Due to the box condition, I have priced this Range Rover lower, accordingly.

If you love Range Rovers, there are few rarer toys than this one. This is the only classic Range Rover 4×4 R/C car that was made back when the first generation Range Rover Classic was still in production. Impossible to find in this condition, so don’t miss out.

Please see the photos to understand the condition. Feel free to contact me to find out more.


After the success of their 4×4 Chevy Blazer called “The Mountain Man”, Japanese company Shinsei reused the same chassis to market an R/C vehicle which would appeal to more customers outside North America. After the success of Range Rovers in the gruelling Paris-Dakar Rally, Shinsei released this great looking R/C Range Rover styled loosely after some of the front-running cars in the event. It came in both red or white, was made in Japan, and just like the Mountain Man featured the same excellent ground clearance, quality materials, and switch-selectable 4WD/2WD (via switch conveniently located on the roof). It also had working roof lights. With excellent scale appearance, but seriously fun and energetic performance on and off-road (thanks to a whopping 8 x C cells in the car), it was one of the earliest R/C toys to offer real backyard, off-road versatility – before the wave of buggy-style R/C cars became the norm from about 1985 onward.

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