SOLD: Sears Lobo

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Sears Lobo
SOLD: $100

Scale: 1/14
Type: Toy grade (ready to run)
Year of release: 1986
Condition: Near mint.


The Sears Lobo buggy was released in 1986 and sold in Sears stores in the USA, but was manufactured by Nikko. It is effectively the sister vehicle to the popular Nikko Black Fox, and is identical except for the decals. It’s notable in the history of R/C toys for being one of the very first cars to offer that cool “turbo” option on the remote – as Nikko scrambled to match the style and performance of the popular “Turbo Hopper” sold by Tyco / Taiyo, which was released the same year.

This one has been tested (on carpet) and is 100% working. It’s in truly superb condition – 9/10. Nothing is missing or broken.
In fact, it has barely been used and has only a few minor scuffs underneath. It runs like new. I would have to say it’s near mint. The battery compartments are 100% clean too. Please see the photos, as you may never find a better one.

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