SOLD: Nikko Mammoth

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Nikko Mammoth
SOLD: AU$160 on 25th November, 2014
Scale: 1/18
Type: Ready to run
Year of release: 1983
Condition: NIB (New In Box). Complete. Mint.


The Nikko Mammoth was released in 1983 and is a 6WD all-terrain vehicle with working headlights. It was clearly inspired by 1970s and early 1980s sci-fi and looks like it belongs on the surface of the moon, or exploring some remote planet, and the great box art image suggests exactly that.

It hails from an era when Nikko were producing really creative, unusual and high-quality ready-to-run R/C toys, that also had incredible realism. The tyres on the Mammoth are soft, high quality rubber, and despite it’s compact size the toy feels heavy-duty. It really is a 6WD vehicle – with so much miniature torque and grip, that you feel like it will climb over just about anything.

This example is an original Nikko Mammoth – brand new in box. Absolutely mint, never run. You will not find better. The box has some minor wear – some creases, and a stain near one corner. But it is excellent overall – with no tears and bright colours. Everything is complete inside, and the original manual is included. The Mammoth itself includes the two little roof lights on top of the roll bar (which are often missing on these cars, as you install them yourself), and is perfect. It was removed from the box for photos only.

Don’t miss this rare chance to own a brand new example of the original, classic Nikko Mammoth 6WD.
Please see the photos to understand the condition.

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