SOLD: Nikko Laser 4WD

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Letting this spare model go from my vintage R/C collection…

Nikko Laser 4WD
SOLD: AU$120 on 25th May 2017
Scale: 1/16
Type: Ready To Run
Year of release: 1988
Batteries Required: 8 x AA (Car). 1 x 9volt (Transmitter)

Any vintage R/C model I sell has been personally tested and assessed.
About this example…

✔ New in box
✔ 100% vintage. Original and first release of this model. Made by Nikko in Japan/Singapore from 1988.
✔ 100% working. Including 2 speeds.
✔ Battery compartments mint
✔ Decals mint
✔ Tyres are 100%. No cracking or deterioration.
✔ Transmitter included
✔ Box included
✔ Manuals and paperwork included
✔ Nothing broken.

Conclusion: A mint Nikko Laser 4WD with a very good box, and all inserts. Absolutely mint, brand new and a fantastic and dynamic R/C buggy from the late 1980s. Priced according to rarity, condition and past examples I have sold.

Please see the photos to understand the condition. Feel free to contact me to find out more.


By the late 1980s, Nikko were releasing some very high quality, capable R/C buggies both at the hobby-grade and ready-to-run levels, and at several scales. The compact “Laser 4WD” buggy was a 1/16 scale model that was sold worldwide, and which was designed for exciting performance with it’s strong motor, 4WD transmission and low profile tyres. Featuring 2 speeds, “turbo” on the transmitter, proper spring suspension, quality materials, and even some real sponsor logos, the Laser 4WD packed some Japanese sophistication into 1/16 scale when it came out. Better than you might think, and the sort of R/C buggy that really makes you realize how fantastic these toys were for the time, relative to the poorer quality vehicle around today.

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