SOLD: Nikko Big Thunder G3

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Letting this spare model go from my vintage R/C collection…

Nikko Big Thunder G3 Off Road Special
SOLD: AU$225 on 11th of October, 2016
Scale: 1/10
Type: Ready To Run
Year of release: 1980
Batteries Required: 4 x C, 4 x AA (Car). 6 x AA (Transmitter)

Any vintage R/C model I sell has been personally tested and assessed.
About this example…

✔ 100% working
✔ Clean
✔ Battery compartments clean
✔ Transmitter included
✔ Box included
✔ Tyres are about 98% new. No cracking.
✔ Nothing broken.
✔ Decals are excellent, near mint.
– There are light scuffs to the underside, and bumper, and minimal wear to body edges/chrome
– Box & polystyrene based are fair/good

Conclusion: Overall, quite a stunning example of the classic Nikko Big Thunder G3 dune buggy in collector condition. A rare chance to own one that looks near pristine, and runs as smoothly as the day it was made. Priced according to rarity, condition and past examples I have sold.

Please see the photos to understand the condition. Feel free to contact me to find out more.


The Nikko Big Thunder G3 was Nikko’s first ever off-road R/C vehicle, and was released way back in 1980. At 1/10 scale it rivaled similar beach buggy styled models from Tamiya (Sand Rover) and Kyosho (Eleck Peanuts), but came in ready to run form, and using Nikko’s solid and dependable Digital Proportional radio. Internally, the Big Thunder has a servo-driven, sealed mechanical speed control, and servo-driven steering. It’s showpiece feature for the time was it’s 3-speed gearbox, controlled by a easy lever in the rear tray. Like its rivals, it had no differential, but it does have basic spring suspension at the front, along with high quality and long wearing rubber tyres featuring “Goodyear” branding. The Big Thunder G3 was a stunning toy in 1980, at a time when barely any electric off-road cars were actually on the market. A must have if you love the classic Meyers Manx buggy style.

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