SOLD: Marui Shogun Fast Drive

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Marui Shogun Fast Drive
SOLD: AU$130 on 13th September 2014
Scale: 1/14
Type: Ready To Run
Year of release: 1989
Condition: NIB (New In Box). Complete. Mint.


This is a brand new in box, original Marui Shogun Fast Drive buggy from 1989. The buggy is mint, brand new, never run, with transmitter. Most of the decals have been applied to the buggy, but there is still one small sheet of decals yet to be added. It’s possible that a decal is missing from the buggy itself, but most are definitely there (I am just comparing the car to the box art image). The box is in quite good condition, with some minor wear. The buggy has been tested briefly, just held in the air with batteries on board – and it operates perfectly. It still has that brand new smell! This is a very rare release from Marui that you will not find again soon, and certainly not in this condition.

Nothing beats brand new when collecting vintage R/C toys – so don’t miss this rare chance to own a brand new in box Marui Shogun Fast Drive.

Please see the photos to understand the condition. Feel free to contact me to find out more.


The “Fast Drive” series from Marui was a range of 1/14 scale versions of their beautiful 1/10 scale original kit R/C vehicles. It was released in response to Tamiya’s “Quick Drive” series, which in turn was released to compete with the ready-to-run R/C models from brands like Nikko, Taiyo and Shinsei that were gaining enormous popularity in the late 1980s among those who preferred not to build their R/C cars from a kit. To my knowledge, Marui’s Fast Drive series only consisted of 2 releases – the Shogun and the Ninja.

In their effort to trump the popular 1/14 scale buggy ranges from Nikko and Taiyo, Marui’s buggies had two notable advantages – a Digital Proportional radio, and the ability to change the radio frequency crystals (just like a hobby kit radio). Combined with Marui’s hobby-grade know-how and high quality, the Fast Drive series were beautiful to behold. They truly feel like the little brothers of the 1/10 scale versions, and are surprisingly quick and responsive to drive.

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