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Photos of Hobby Shops in the 1980s

Model Engines Hobby Shop, Richmond, Melbourne, Australia in 1987

Horizon advertisement, USA, 1989Remember the days of the local Hobby Shop?

Not only are there far fewer hobby shops around now, but it’s actually quite difficult to find photos of hobby shops from their heyday in the 1980s – or earlier. Nevertheless, here’s a selection that is sure to make you wish you could travel back in time.

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Lost Hobby Shops: Uncle Pete’s Toys

Uncle Pete's Toys

Uncle Pete's ToysIn the 1980s, Uncle Pete’s Toys was the toy shop that every kid who lived around Sydney wanted to visit.

While a few smaller Uncle Pete’s Toys stores still exist today, back in the 80s they were dubbed Australia’s first “toy supermarkets” and were packed floor-to-ceiling with toy and hobby gold for all ages.

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Lost Hobby Shops: Tandy Electronics at Christmas

Tandy Christmas Sale And Gift Catalogue, 1984

Tandy Christmas Sale And Gift Catalogue, 1984With Christmas fast approaching, I thought I’d take a moment to reflect on Tandy Electronics in Australia.

The last Tandy stores were closed or rebranded quite recently in Australia. But many will remember Tandy as the place they got their first R/C car…among a wide variety of other electronic gadgets and toys.

Tandy was truly a great destination for Christmas toy shopping back in the 1980s and early 1990s.

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Lost Hobby Shops: Yennora Hobbies – Part 2

Yennora Hobbies

Yennora Hobbies

After my original article about the lost Sydney hobby shop “Yennora Hobbies”, R/C Memories was contacted by Yennora Hobbies’ former owner and co-founder Brent Fox, who ran the store for almost 30 years.

Brent kindly offered to share some of his memories and even some old photographs of the store.

So it’s been my pleasure to put together a little “part 2” of the Yennora Hobbies story…

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