SOLD: Tandy / Radio Shack White Tiger Turbo

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Tandy / Radio Shack White Tiger Turbo
SOLD: AU$70 on 9th November 2014
Scale: 1/14
Type: Ready to run
Year of release: 1989
Condition: Excellent. Working. With Transmitter and Original Box.


This Tandy / Radio Shack White Tiger Turbo is in excellent, 100% working condition. It has only a few scuffs underneath, and perhaps a couple of marks elsewhere. It has been lightly used overall, and is very clean. It has been tested on carpet and runs like new. The battery compartments are quite clean. The box is very old with a hole in the front, but at least it’s there. The original aerial tube is also included. This is an excellent White Tiger, worthy of a collection, or for someone looking to relive their memories of running one of these buggies.

Please see the photos to understand the condition. Feel free to contact me to find out more.


The Tandy / Radio Shack White Tiger Turbo is a high speed 2WD buggy that was available from Tandy and Radio Shack stores in 1989, and was the third fastest buggy in their range that year (behind the Golden Arrow and Red Arrow). It was manufactured by Nikko and is typical of the high quality of their RC models from that era.

The White Tiger Turbo runs on a 7.2v battery pack and I think it’s powered by a 380 motor – giving it some pretty entertaining speed. These cars originally retailed for AU$129.95 in Australia. This is one of my favourite buggies of the 1980s, and one I dreamed of owning back in the day, as I was totally obsessed with the amazing range of R/C models available at Tandy for Christmas in 1989! The White Tiger is an absolute must-have in my collection, and is remembered fondly by many other people as well.

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