SOLD: Tamiya Wild Willy T-Shirt

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Vintage Tamiya Wild Willy T-Shirt. Extremely rare 1980s promo item.
SOLD: AU$90 on July 7th 2017
Condition: NIP (New In Packet). Mint.


For sale here is a genuine vintage Tamiya Wild Willy T-Shirt. This was a Tamiya promotional item released in the mid-1980s for the Wild Willy R/C jeep kit, and features the original Tamiya Wild Willy box art image, along with Tamiya Wild Willy titling and slogan. This is an extremely rare Tamiya promotional item which was never available outside of Japan. It is still perfectly preserved, new in packet. I have never removed it from the packet and the white T-Shirt remains crisp and clean.

This is, without doubt, one of the rarest Tamiya promotional items you will ever see. The T-Shirt size is Medium, however I’d suggest that this piece is for the serious Tamiya collector and Wild Willy fan, and would best be used as a framed display piece with your R/C collection.

Possibly your one chance to ever own this item, brand new. Something virtually no other Tamiya collector will have. Priced accordingly. Don’t miss it.

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