SOLD: Tamiya Wild One

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Tamiya Wild One
SOLD: AU$500 on 14th November, 2015
Scale: 1/10
Type: Unassembled Kit
Year of release: 1985
Manual language: Japanese (a scanned copy of the English version will also be provided)
Condition: NIB (New In Box). Mint. Complete.


This is a brand new in box, original Tamiya Wild One kit from 1985.

It’s been 30 years since the Wild One was released. If you’re truly nostalgic for this classic kit, don’t settle for a reissued version with it’s changed name, parts, box and fake logo decals.

This kit is complete, and never built. All parts are included. There is some fading and scuffing to the box as the kit is old stock that has been in storage for a long time. There is a small amount of pen writing (a price) on one side of the box. But it presents very well overall, and is a true time capsule with the patina to prove it came from the 1980s. Inside, all parts are in excellent shape and ready to go. The main blister pack lid is still taped to the box base (never lifted off the internal box), and all the blisters themselves are in good shape, displaying all the little parts.

There are few brand new in box original vintage R/C toys left in the world. If you enjoy nostalgia, nothing beats owning a true original. Relive the original Tamiya Wild One again. Don’t miss your chance.

Please see the photos to understand the condition. Feel free to contact me to find out more.


The Wild One is one of Tamiya’s mid 1980s buggy kits, most notable for it’s beautiful looks and strong scale realism and performance. It belongs to that early era of Tamiya when each car had a distinct character and colour theme, and Tamiya wasn’t simply pumping out mindless repeats or rehashing past successes. Every model was unique – and if you owned a Frog, a Hotshot and Wild One, you had three models which could not be more different, offering a fascinating comparison when running and racing them.

The company only released a few different models each year in the 1980s (unlike today), and the Wild One is now considered one of their all-time classics – a kit with a unique look and unique parts, and one of those cornerstone pieces that every collector of vintage Tamiya models wouldn’t be without. The model was re-released as the “Wild One Off Roader” and as always Tamiya changed in many aspects of it to help preserve the collectability of any surviving originals.

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