SOLD: Taiyo Mini Cyclone

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Taiyo Mini Cyclone
SOLD: AU$60 on 10th November 2014
Scale: 1/18
Type: Ready To Run
Year of release: 1992
Condition: Excellent. Working. With Transmitter and Original Box.


This Taiyo Mini Cyclone is in excellent condition. It has had a small repair to a crack in the windscreen and another near the rear wing. However, aside from that, it has barely been run – as you can see from the scratch-free underside. All the decals are present. It also comes with the original box in pretty good condition, and the transmitter. It is extremely clean and has been tested gently on carpet and it runs absolutely perfectly – like new.

Please see the photos to understand the condition. Feel free to contact me to find out more.


The “Taiyo Mini Cyclone” is actually the original name for this model, and it was first released by Taiyo in Japan in 1992. It was also sold under license via Tyco and Metro branding in some markets including Australia, and called the “Mini Scorcher”. To be honest though, “Cyclone” is a much better and more appropriate name for this series, due to their ability to do crazy high speed spins.

The Mini Cyclone is of course the little brother of the Cyclone, but offers the same concept in a smaller size – an entertaining 6 wheeled vehicle powered by twin motors, operated by two forward-reverse levers on the transmitter. Like the Cyclone, the Mini Cyclone was another hit for Taiyo during their era of producing crazy, high speed recreational R/C vehicles.

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