SOLD: Taiyo Half Traxx

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Taiyo Half Traxx
SOLD: AU$170 on 10th November 2014
Scale: 1/14
Type: Ready To Run
Year of release: 1991
Condition: NIB (New In Box). Complete. Mint.


This is a brand new in box, original Taiyo Half Traxx. Absolutely mint in box, never run. Complete with box, transmitter, aerial and manual. You will not find better. The model was lifted out of the box for the photos only. The box is in pretty good condition too, with only minor wear. Everything is complete. This car takes the 9.6v Battery Pack, or can be run on 8 x AA batteries (a special optional battery tray is included so you can power it either way – each method delivers the exact same voltage and power of course)

Nothing beats “brand new” when it comes to vintage R/C toys. Brand new in box Taiyo Half Traxx’s are virtually impossible to find, and are probably the rarest of all models in the Fast Traxx series. Don’t miss your chance to own this one.

Please see the photos to understand the condition. Feel free to contact me to find out more.


The Taiyo Half Traxx was first released in Japan in 1991, and was another model in Taiyos series of tracked vehicles that began with the original “Fast Traxx”. The Half Traxx is probably the most interesting of the subsequent models – a really unique R/C car because it combines the high-speed rubber track concept with a normal buggy – at the front are two normal wheels allowing you to steer the car properly (something that was quite difficult to do with the original Fast Traxx), while at the rear are high speed rubber tracks. The Half Traxx came in two colours, and was one of many superb R/C toys Taiyo manufactured during their golden years of the late 1980s, and early1990s. With a top speed of 19Km/H, it was another hit for Taiyo – as they explored ever more unusual and creative R/C designs.

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