SOLD: Taiyo Cyclone

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Taiyo Cyclone
SOLD: AU$120 on 22nd June 2014
Scale: N/A
Type: Ready to run
Year of release: 1992
Condition: Excellent. Working. With Transmitter and Original Box.


This is a used Taiyo Cyclone AKA Taiyo Scorcher, but it is in near-new condition – truly excellent and complete with box, transmitter and manual. It is really clean, and there are only some light scuffs on a few surfaces. Underneath, the car is almost scratch free – suggesting it has not been run much at all, and certainly not over rough ground.

I have tested it gently on clean carpet, and it simply runs like new – lightning quick and with perfect radio reception. These things are a blast, and can certainly bolt along in a straight line. Cosmetically it’s in great shape, with only the aforementioned scuffs in a few places. The decals are great, and so are the tyres. All round, this clean and perfect-running car will impress the winner. It might have only been used once or twice by it’s original owner, and presents very well.

It requires a 9.6volt battery pack, but also included is an 8 x AA battery tray, so you can power it with a set of regular AA batteries. (Batteries not included).
The original box is in pretty good shape too, and the original manual is included.

Please see the photos to understand the condition. Feel free to contact me to find out more.


The “Taiyo Cyclone” is actually the original name for this model, and it was first released by Taiyo in Japan in 1992. It was also sold under license via Tyco and Metro branding in some markets including Australia, and called the “Scorcher”. To be honest though, “Cyclone” is a much better and more appropriate name – given this vehicle’s ability to do crazy high speed spins. It was one of a succession of crazy, tough, high speed ready-to-run R/C vehicles created by Taiyo during the late 1980s and early 1990s as they explored new and unusual R/C vehicle concepts. These entertaining toys were a huge hit for Taiyo, elevating them above longtime rival R/C toy company Nikko in many people’s minds, as the #1 manufacturers of high quality and fun R/C vehicles.

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