SOLD: Nikko Toyota Land Cruiser Winch Off Roader

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Nikko Toyota Land Cruiser Winch Off Roader
SOLD: AU$180 on 5th June 2014
Scale: 1/16
Type: Ready to run
Year of release: 1984
Condition: Excellent. Clean. Working. With Transmitter and Original Box.


This is a very rare Nikko Toyota Land Cruiser Winch Off Roader. This model is in used condition. However it is very clean, quite stunning really, and works perfectly.

The body is in really amazing shape – practically new. All the decals are excellent, and there’s only a tiny blemish here or there. Some scuffs are evident on the underside of the car, however nothing is broken. The tyres are in excellent condition.

The winch works, and you can turn it on via a switch in the rear tray. The headlights also operate while running. And the car is 4WD. Truly a stunning model, and a very rare vintage Nikko that you may not see again.

The original box is included – it is old and has wear. However, the artwork is still nice. As always, you’re lucky to have the box at all, with any old R/C toy.

Please see the photos to understand the condition. Feel free to contact me to find out more.


The Nikko Toyota Land Cruiser Winch Off Roader was released in 1984, and is based on a chassis that Nikko first produced in 1982. It share similarities to rival company Matsushiro’s R/C Land Cruiser model “The Winch”, in that both are based on 40 series Toyota Land Cruisers and have similar features. But this is an entirely different model – the same concept, but done Nikko’s way. Nikko had incredible attention to detail in the early 1980s, producing many highly realistic R/C toy models. Many of these are sought after today, and the Nikko Toyota Land Cruiser Winch Off Roader was also known to many in Europe as the “Nikko Big Ranger”. The combination of working 4WD, working headlights and working winch make it a true collector’s item that looks amazing on the shelf.

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