SOLD: Nikko Toyota Land Cruiser Winch Off Roader 4WD

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Nikko Toyota Land Cruiser Winch Off Roader 4WD
SOLD: AU$160 on 4th May 2015
Scale: 1/16
Type: Ready To Run
Year of release: 1984
Condition: Excellent. Complete with Transmitter and Original Box


This Nikko Toyota Land Cruiser Winch Off Roader 4WD is in excellent condition – in fact, aside from a couple of flaws, it is almost new really – as you can see from the underside which is virtually scratch free, suggesting it has not had much use. The gearbox, working headlights, working winch and 4WD transmission are all in perfect working order.

The car has been tested gently on clean carpet, and it runs perfectly. There is only light edge wear in a few small places, a decal on the rear “spare wheel” is scuffed, and one of the wheels is painted dark grey instead of chrome like the others. One of the yellow spotlights on the roll bar has been reglued also at some stage. But it’s not that noticeable really.

Apart from those things, the car is in excellent shape – very clean and has been run very little. There are no decals missing. The original box is included and is good condition with some wear. The original transmitter is in excellent condition.

The original rear-vision mirrors are also included, and are still new in the packet.

This is a very clean, beautiful vintage Nikko Toyota Land Cruiser Winch Off Roader from 1984. It’s a hard to find model in any condition. Even harder to find one that presents this well and runs perfectly. Don’t miss out.

Please see the photos to understand the condition. Feel free to contact me to find out more.


The Nikko Toyota Land Cruiser Winch Off Roader 4WD was released in 1984, and is based on a chassis that Nikko first produced in 1982. It share similarities to rival company Matsushiro’s R/C Land Cruiser model “The Winch”, in that both are based on 40 series Toyota Land Cruisers and have similar features – such as working headlights and a working winch at the front. But this is an entirely different model – the same concept, but done Nikko’s way. Nikko had incredible attention to detail in the early 1980s, producing many highly realistic R/C toy models. Many of these are sought after today, and the Nikko Toyota Land Cruiser Winch Off Roader was also known to many in Europe as the “Nikko Big Ranger”. The combination of working 4WD, working headlights and working winch make it a true collector’s item that looks amazing on the shelf.

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