SOLD: Nikko Audi Quattro

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Nikko Audi Quattro
SOLD: AU$350 on 22nd February 2015
Scale: 1/11
Type: Ready To Run
Year of release: 1982
Condition: Excellent. Complete with Transmitter, Manual, all accessories and Original Box


This Nikko Audi Quattro is in excellent, used condition. It is an original, first release of the model, from Nikko of Japan in 1982.

The car is 100% complete and 100% working, so you will be very lucky to get your hands on this one. To put it simply, here is what is included:

– Nikko Audi Quattro in excellent, 100% working condition, complete with original antenna tube
– Transmitter in excellent, 100% working condition, complete with antenna and shoulder strap.
– Original Box
– Original Manual
– Original Side Mirrors (still in packet)
– Original plastic roof aerial (still in packet)
– Original radio antenna ribbons

The car has been tested gently on a clean surface, and it runs perfectly. This means:

– All functions work correctly and operation is perfect.
– The headlights work, and can be switched on/off via button on the transmitter
– The left/right indicator lights work, when the car turns left and right
– The rear boot opens and closes, via button on the transmitter

There is some wear to the car – there are scuffs on the underside of the car. There has also been a repair to the left-front window pillar near the windscreen (it has been glued). Some of the paintwork has flaws – some from wear, and some that are production flaws (these early Nikko models often had a little overspray here and there at the edges of painted stripes and other paintwork). There are no decals missing. The tyres are in great condition. The bumpers are in tact. There are no other breakages of any kind.

The original box is included and is quite old, with a few small tears at the edges. But it is still quite presentable with nice pictures on all sides. All other pieces are in excellent condition.

Please see the photos to understand the condition. Feel free to contact me to find out more.


Well what can you say about the Nikko Audi Quattro, from 1982? It is a really special and unique R/C model of the early 1980s, and just about everyone wants one these days.

This was Nikko’s premiere model in a year when the Japanese company created some of the most beautiful R/C toys of all time. The Nikko Audi Quattro was an incredible, large (40cm long) and quite fast toy – about 1/10 scale, but quoted on the box as “1/11” scale. Most nostably, it was a highly realistic looking model of the famous Audi Quattro rally vehicle of the early 1980s, with excellent scale realism and adorned with the original livery and sponsor logos of the real thing. Tamiya also had a go at creating a 1/10 R/C model of the Audi Quattro, and while also interesting, it is actually less “scale realistic” than Nikko’s effort. What’s more, Nikko added some amazing features to this model – working headlights (operable via the remote), working indicator flashing lights (operable when the car is turning left or right) and best of all, a working rear boot that lifts open and closes (also operable via the remote!).

The model was expensive for it’s time, but appears to have been popular outside Japan, particularly in Europe where it was branded as Nikko/Technotoy and even had the endorsement of German rally legend (and Audi driver) Walter Rohrl.

Today, the Nikko Audi Quattro is one of the most sought after of all R/C models released by Nikko. Far ahead of it’s time, and something of a must-have if you like 1980s rally cars, or 1980s R/C models in general.

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