SOLD: Metro/Taiyo Jet Hopper Rear Tyres

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Metro/Taiyo Jet Hopper Rear Tyres
Quantity in stock: 0 pairs available (2 sold)
Condition: New. Mint.


For sale here are a few brand new in packet Jet Hopper rear tyre sets. Each purchase of a quantity of “1” will receive one pair of rear tyres. They do not come in the original packet, but are brand new and never used. These were sold in Australia under Metro / Taiyo branding. These are the fat, spikey rear tyres and were found on:

– Taiyo Jet Hopper Mk1
– Taiyo Jet Hopper Mk2
– Tyco/Taiyo Turbo Hopper Mk1
– Metro/Taiyo Jet Hopper Mk1

For a more in-depth read, check out my articles on the Taiyo Jet Hopper and the Tyco/Taiyo Turbo Hopper.

Impossible to find these brand new tyres anymore, and most Jet Hoppers around have long since worn out their tyres. Once my stock is gone, it’s gone – and I have no idea when (or if) I will be able to source any more of these tyres, as they are SO rare these days.

Don’t miss your chance to give your Jet Hopper or Turbo Hopper some fresh rear tyres, or simply stock up on spares for the years ahead.

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