SOLD: Marui Shogun FD

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Letting this spare model go from my vintage R/C collection…

Marui Shogun FD
For Sale: AU$220 on 3rd November 2017
Condition: 10/10. New in box.
Scale: 1/14
Type: Ready To Run
Year of release: 1988 (approx)
Batteries Required: 8 x AA (Car). 1 x 9volt (Transmitter)

Any vintage R/C model I sell has been personally tested and assessed.
About this example…

✔ New in box.
✔ 100% vintage. Made by Marui in Japan from about 1988.
✔ 100% working. Including 2 speed gearbox.
✔ Battery compartments mint.
✔ Transmitter included.
✔ Box included.
✔ Paperwork included
✔ Additional decals included
✔ Marui metal box wrench included
✔ Tyres are 100% brand new. No cracking.
✔ Decals mint.

Conclusion: This brand new Marui Shogun FD (Fast Drive) is very rare in brand new condition, and comes in a very nice box with all brand new accessories – including additional decals. These cars came factory assembled with some decals applied, but with some additional decals for you to apply yourself. Also included is the original paperwork and metal box wrench. Brand new – you will not find a better one. Priced according to rarity, condition and past examples that have sold.

Please see the photos to understand the condition. Feel free to contact me to find out more.


Following the success of ready-to-run R/C models from brands like Nikko and Taiyo during the mid-1980s, some of the kit-based R/C model manufacturers like Tamiya, Marui and Kyosho began releasing ready-to-run models of their own, under sub-brandings, most notably Tamiya with their “Quick Drive” line. Marui’s line was similarly called “Fast Drive”, and they released just a few vehicles in this line – each 1/14 scale and with fully digital proportional transmitters, changeable crystals, and running on 8 x AA batteries – each delivering fun performance at a lower price than the companion model in 1/10 scale kit form. These models compared very favourably against similar buggies of the era from Nikko, and in fact were often a little more advanced with their Digital Proportional controllers. The Marui Shogun was one of the buggies released by Marui in 1/10 scale and 1/14 scale “Fast Drive” form, and is extremely rare today in any guise at all. The 1/14 scale Fast Drive release of this buggy is therefore quite a rare item that will impress with it’s smooth control, nimble pace and attractive black and gold design, driver figure, and general air of realism.

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