SOLD: Kyosho Volkswagen Baja Bug

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Kyosho Volkswagen Baja Bug
SOLD: $400
Scale: 1/10
Type: Hobby grade (kit requiring assembly, but came mostly pre-built)
Year of release: 1982
Condition: Near new, unpainted, complete with box and decals


This car was originally released in 1982, and was partly Kyosho’s answer to Tamiya’s popular Sand Scorcher VW buggy. It has a fully sealed radio tub, cast aluminium gearbox with centrifugal clutch, and can traverse water.

I have described this car as “like new”. All parts are 100% original (no reproduction parts). The chassis has maybe some light scuffs underneath, but that’s all. There is no wear on any other parts. The tyres are new. Some parts (such as the bumper) are still new in packet. The mechanical speed control and internal wiring are brand new. The car has never seen dirt.

The body has been trimmed but it is still unpainted. The original owner trimmed the window areas as well. One part of a window frame has been repaired (a pillar has been glued). It is shown in the photos but is hardly noticeable. Once finished and painted, it would not be noticable at all. The body may have one or two other small “dings”, but is mostly really excellent – please see the photos. The trimming of the body is excellent – a smooth edge and correct VW proportions.

The tyres are actually inflatable/deflatable, and you can pump them up by poking a syringe into them – a unique feature of this series, among vintage R/C models. No syringe is included.

The decal sheet is complete and uncut, but has been lifted at one corner, and re-stuck down. There is some discoloration under a ‘Kyosho’ logo, but that’s all. I don’t think that logo even appears on the box art. All the other logos are good. The box is very old and has some discoloration, but it’s there. It’s very hard to find the original box for this model.

No radio gear is included (simply fit any 2 channel transmitter).

This model is very rare in this condition. Most examples are old and worn. This example would suit another collector of vintage R/C models. Since brand new examples are virtually impossible to find, you’ll probably never find another one this good again. I paid US$1000 for a new in box kit last year (happy to provide proof if curious), and that is the only reason I’m letting this one go. So in summary – this is a rare opportunity to paint and detail this classic Kyosho R/C VW for your collection, at a very reasonable price.

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