SOLD: Kyosho / Cox Tomahawk

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Kyosho / Cox Tomahawk
SOLD: AU$730 on 11th April 2016
Scale: 1/10
Type: Unassembled Kit
Year of release: 1983
Manual language: English
Condition: NIB (New In Box). Mint. Complete.


This is a brand new in box, original Kyosho / Cox Tomahawk kit from 1983. Manufactured by Kyosho in Japan.

This kit is complete, and never built. All parts are included. There is some fading and wear to the box, as the kit is old stock that has been in storage for a long time. But the images still present very well, and the box is structurally intact. All parts inside are in excellent shape and ready to go.

This is a USA version of the Tomahawk. When the Kyosho Tomahawk was sold in the USA, it was distributed by the “Cox” R/C company (a maker and distributor of R/C products). As such, the branding on the box lid was changed to “Cox”. All internal boxes and parts remained branded Kyosho, regardless of the box lid.

Another thing to note is that early issue Kyosho branded Tomahawk kits had thicker (10mm) red shocks , while both later Kyosho branded ones and all Cox branded ones, had slightly thinner (8mm) red shocks. So naturally this kit has the thinner (8mm) variety.

Throughout the course of this kit’s original production run in the 1980s, it came with either “Goodyear” block, “Sand Super” block, or “Sand Super” spike pattern tyres. The tyres included in this example are the block pattern ones with “Sand Super” on the sidewall.

One advantage of the Cox branded kit, is that being sold in the US market it came with an easy-to-read English manual, not a Japanese manual – actually making this one easier to build.

It’s been some 32 years since The Tomahawk was first released. If you’re truly nostalgic for this classic kit, why settle for the remolded, Chinese-made 2015 Tomahawk reissue with it’s altered parts, dimensions and performance.

If you enjoy nostalgia, nothing beats owning a true original that has never been used by anyone else.
Relive the original Kyosho Tomahawk again. Don’t miss your chance.

Please see the photos to understand the condition. Feel free to contact me to find out more.


The Tomahawk was the third buggy released by Kyosho to use this light and competitive chassis (following the Scorpion and the Beetle), and it was designed to be Kyosho’s top electric racing buggy when it was released in 1983. With a 2WD drivetrain, a lightweight polycarbonate body and agile suspension, plus a 540 motor, the Tomahawk was designed to be among the quickest buggies available at the time. Today it is remembered for not only being a good performer, but for being one of Kyosho’s most beautiful and realistic looking R/C buggies – from a time when all R/C models were designed to look like the real thing. It even has fabric window netting. In my book, the Tomahawk is a must-have if you enjoy collecting 1980s R/C kit buggies, particularly those from the pre-1987 era when realism (and not just performance) was paramount in R/C buggy design.

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