SOLD: Tamiya Hotshot

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Tamiya Hotshot
SOLD: AU$1000 on 19th February 2018
Year of release: 1985
Condition: 10/10


Any vintage R/C kit I sell has been personally assessed.
About this example…

✔ New in box
✔ 100% vintage. Made by Tamiya in Japan from 1985.
✔ 100% complete with all parts, manual and decals.
✔ Box superb.

Conclusion: This rare, original Tamiya Hotshot kit is complete, and comes with a box that is one of the best you’ll ever see – white, and near flawless. All parts are included. The black chassis has been wrapped in plastic, to help prevent scuffing the polycarbonate body. A true classic, in very well preserved condition since being manufactured 33 years ago. Priced according to rarity, condition, demand, and past examples that have sold.

Please see the photos to understand the condition. Feel free to contact me to find out more.


The Tamiya Hotshot should need no introduction – it is one of the most formidable and complex R/C buggy designs of the 1980s, and was a huge hit when it was released – being one of the first ever 1/10 scale R/C electric 4WD buggy kits. Featuring four wheel independent suspension, and a rugged design with plenty of exposed suspension linkage, the Hotshot was beyond the reached of the average kid in the 1980s. It remains one of the most iconic creations in R/C history.

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