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Yonezawa radio-controlled car The Missiler

I'm hoping someone can help with the valuation of a used Missiler (Art no. 18095), which I'm selling on behalf of an older relative, who is a life-long kit hobbyist.  The car is in really good used condition, practically perfect apart from its tail fin snapped cleanly in two.  It still has its original, if battered, box.  Happy to forward photos if this helps?  Cheers!


Hi there,

Feel free to post pics here if you can (you may need to host them elsewhere first - not sure as the forum is new, but give it a try anyway).

Happy to suggest a price, but seeing pics is an essential part of the guesswork.


Just doing a test here, of uploading an image with a new post. The attached image is of an old Missiler I sold years ago (not the one Eliza has).

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  • yonezawa-missiler-001.png

Thanks for your response. The box is very similar to the one shown in the photo you posted.  I'll see if I can add some photos of the car and packaging below.

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  • 20190424_135849.jpg
  • 20190424_135953.jpg
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It's a real shame about that rear wing isn't it... I can tell you that a NIB example of this car will fetch up to about US$300. In your case, this buggy looks to be very near new (if not new) apart from that ruined wing. I think the wing is repairable though in the right hands, to a presentable degree. But it's a tough one to estimate on the basis that different people will view this differently. I would have no trouble finding a spare rear wing to replace on it, over time (by buying another car). Most other people will have no ambition to do that.

I'd say that if the car is really clean, near mint or mint (apart from the wing), and 100% working... I would put it out for US$100-$150 and see if it gets any interest. You can always go lower if there's no interest.

If you're unsure if it's working, and therefore can't say so in your ad, that may drop the price by half.

Another thing to note about this model - the tyres often ended up getting flat-spotted on both the Missiler and it's sister model, the Land Dash, by sitting in the box for years, because the car would rest on the polystyrene base a bit too closely. If you are storing it, it's worth putting a little padding underneath the underside of the car, to ensure its wheels are not "resting" on the base. And prevent flat spotting.

When selling, it's also best to brush away any easy dust you can see, just to get it as clean as you can. And take good pics of the model on a white background.

Hope this helps 🙂



Thanks Rob, really appreciative the advice re. the car's likely value and tips for selling.  As you say, the damaged rear spoiler may put some prospective buyers off, but the rest of the car is in such good's really hard to put a price on it.  I will follow your selling advice and am thinking of listing the car on the Tamiya Club's site, as I reckon it's a good platform for attracting the attention of an enthusiast.