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When was the last time (if ever) you found something "vintage" at a hobby shop?

After writing this piece last year, as a sort of farewell to the times when it was possible to find old bits and pieces at old hobby shops...

The era of the vintage hobby shop find

...I have to admit I will always miss those days when you'd go somewhere new, discover some old shop you hadn't been to before, and maybe find something there that harked back to the early days of R/C

This is something that was possible to do for a great many years, and throughout the 1990s and 2000s I had many, many cool finds. But the past 10 years or so has seen so many old hobby stores close. And of course - the fun of finding "treasure" was never going to last forever, since the treasure itself was in limited supply.

But still, I've got to say - it was some of the most fun I have ever had in the hobby. The best story I can tell, is the time I found a NIB Tamiya Super Champ kit back in 2005. And the last time I ever found something, was at a store out in the country that had a few old RC10 parts and things lying around. That was in 2015.

Actually, technically, in 2016 I found a few things at a store in Adelaide. But beyond that... well...

So if you have any stories to share about vintage hobby store "finds", what were they and when did they occur?

My local hobby shop last week i found a Tamiya Blackfoot C parts tree sitting there from the 1980s. Found a Tamiya Frog press parts bag also 10 vintage mabuchi 540s motors. I've been going there for years and still managed to find these items. I always  annoy the owner about searching through his boxes i love looking for vintage items.

Wow, that's awesome Branko! I won't ask you where the shop is 🙂

I actually visited a small (new) hobby shop last week also, and the owner actually had a few vintage Tamiyas on display there (not for sale). Which was pretty cool and very unexpected!

Apart from that though, I have noticed that yet more hobby shops in the Sydney area have closed in the past couple of years. A couple that I went looking for recently, have both apparently closed. This alone makes it rather hard to randomly find old leftover bits and pieces - something which for many years, was quite common when visiting older stores.

That would be great to see those vintage Tamiyas on display . The hobby store i go to is called Model Mania they are running out of stock now they have been there from the 80s. I feel sad that they are closing down around the place i really miss them.