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What were your earliest childhood impressions of R/C?

Quote from R/C Toy Memories on June 11, 2019, 7:28 am

I do remember that the Fast Traxx was brought back - in blue, as in your pic above. As you say, it wasn't sold for very long and didn't seem to be available worldwide. I'm surprised another, modern equivalent doesn't exist (unless it does? I haven't really looked).

There are still a fair few original Fast Traxx floating around the online markets though, for those looking for one (even in NIB condition). Moreso than a lot of other vintage models.

There is a Kyosho Blizzard but its not marketed the same way as the Fast Traxx was. And there is a heavy metal model, which I think could be compared to the Fast Traxx truck variants.




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I am new to this group.

My earliest childhood impressions of R/C had to be Christmas Morning 1965 (I was born in 1959). Under the tree, made by Topper, was a Johnny Express Cab, Trailer, Forklift and additional accessories. Compared to today's R/Cs, it moved slow and batteries didn't hold a charge for very long. Also, you had limitations with the remote control unit since it was attached to the Cab by 4 conductor wires. However, it moved forward, backwards and the front wheels turned. I still have it, thanks to my late Mom, and it still runs after all those years.


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Welcome Steve! That’s a fantastic truck. Being a bit younger than you, even I am less aware of the 60s era remote controlled vehicles, especially those made outside Japan (I am a little more familiar with the Japanese ones).

Are those pics, your actual Johnny Express Cab and trailer? Putting this in perspective for a moment - such a gift as this. at Christmas in 1965, would have been even more stunning for a child at that time, than an RC model was for children of the late 70s and through the 80s.

Thanks for sharing, and its nice to see this thread continuing  🙂


@jeremiahrc10 - yes the Kyosho Blizzard is interesting. I think it dates back as far as 1983 or 1984, I’d have to double check. Definitely the first fast “tracked” RC vehicle, while the Fast Traxx was the first fast-paced tracked RC vehicle sold in ready-to-run form, I believe.


My earliest memory of RC was checking out all of Tandy's offerings in the early 80s, both in-store and in their great catalogues that would arrive before Christmas.  It took quite a bit of convincing but managed to get a Lambourgini which from memory only turned left (by design!).

I also remember all the aeroflyte kits back then, especially the boats (with crappy outboards) that I hooned around in friends pools.

Looking back now I almost can't believe how lucky I was that Dad was also mates with a guy at work that raced 1/8 on road, south of Sydney (casula 1983ish?). I would get a lift there early morning and help during starts & in the pits, returning home late afternoon, awesome fun & noisy.

Not longer after that Tamiya buggies starting showing up everywhere!!

Yes, those pics were taken on 6/11/2019.

Another memory I had of early rc was this Cox Control Line Airplane I found stored away recently. I was lucky enough to get one, but never flew it. Too scared after watching some of my friends accidentally nose dive their's into the ground.

Apologize for getting off the topic of rc cars.

Thanks for welcoming me.



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