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What vintage RC or other toy or hobby stuff, have you been up to lately?

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Hi readers. Thanks for stopping by. I know this forum is pretty quiet at times...

  • What vintage R/C stuff or other hobby or toy stuff have you been up to lately? e.g. What did you do today?
  • What was the last vintage R/C car (or other toy) you bought, fixed, drove, restored, found etc?

Photos welcome. FYI - There are 2 ways to add photos to comments:

  1. "Add image to post" - just upload an image inside the popup. Then copy the "direct link". Then close the popup. Then use the "insert image" button, and paste the link as the image "source". This way you can insert images anywhere you like in your post.
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So why don't I kick this off. What have I been doing lately?

Oh, tinkering with random stuff... I painted the inside gold rim, and tyre letters, on some 1/32 Tamiya Wild Willy Jr tyres...

Sometimes weeks can go by without much hobby time. But I always have something sitting on my hobby desk that I am "working on". And the 1/32 Wild Willy Jr is one of them.

I also decided, randomly, to restore a childhood Corgi Juniors VW Golf. This poor little guy was absolutely trashed from my childhood, with almost all paint missing and a broken tow bar. But below is after restoration. It was stripped, primed, dremeled, buffed, puttied, and painted with 3 coats of Tamiya British Racing Green. I also painted the wheel rims silver...

Hm, what else. Oh, my neverending Tamiya Mini Cooper 1/10 (technically not vintage - but that said, I received it as a gift 20 years ago and still haven't finished it off)... is something I restarted today. The paint job on this was a real challenge. And now, so many decals. But decals are the easy part, compared to the painting. I think it's going okay...

Back a few months ago, I turned a completely smashed/shattered destroyed Tandy/Radio Shack Buggy Special Turbo, from this...

Into this...


Feel free to share your ongoing projects and adventures below!

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Hello, I’m considering jumping back into the hobby, and I was amazed at the number of choices now as compared to the good old days. Here  are some photos (I hesitate to put them on the flatbed scanner die to the age, don’t want to break the spine) from one of my Auto World catalogs - 1971, it cost 60 cents, and was like magic for a kid growing up in a cornfield in Indiana.


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R/C Toy MemoriesMad-Bee

Sorry about the double post above.

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R/C Toy Memories

@n9srt - amazing stuff Mark.  It's almost surprising to see that R/C transmitters and car kits were even available in 1971, but I guess they had existed since the 1960s. All the cars in those US magazines were gas powered I'm assuming.

Have you jumped back into the hobby yet, or are you still considering it? 🙂


I have a 1/10 Tamiya FWD Golf that I built when touring cars were all the rage, painted to match my own Golf I had at the time. I also have one of the original Tamiya Tyrell 6-wheel F1 cars that I don’t run, tires are scarce - the kit was reissued last year, so maybe there’s hope.

Ive been trying to find a Tamiya current F1 kit, but due to Covid, everything has been backordered for months. Many of our independent hobby shops in Chicago had shut down previous to Covid, and it’s mostly a few Hobbytowns. Strictly RC in abortive IL is hanging on (and highly recommended) and I bought my first drone there in March. One of the Hobbytowns has an indoor carpet track, and one is set up for crawlers. No touring car or F1 here, I just go to a local parking lot on Sunday mornings and drive by myself.

Im just not a fan of online ordering (even though I work for a Fortune 500 internet retailer. There’s nothing like seeing it in person, and the smell of a hobby shop.

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R/C Toy MemoriesMad-Bee

I totally hear you when it comes to Tamiya kits being back-ordered... here in Australia, over the past year, kits have sold out and taken many months to appear again. Certain Tamiya paint colours have been out of stock too. A hobby shop recently told me that's because "two out of the three Tamiya paint factories, is closed - due to COVID"

Yeah, agree with the fun of going to a real hobby shop, and choosing something off the shelf in person. I managed to do that last year when buying a Kyosho Scorpion kit, and it was a lot more fun than ordering online. But if online is the only way to find something, then I'm glad just to be able to track it down.

I've got the vintage RC car bug during lockdown (thanks to AmPro Engineering on Youtube), and recently picked up...

  • Tamiya Lunchbox (ReRelease). Had to get from HongKongas Tamiya stuff was sold out in Australia (as you said yourself RCTM).
  • Tyco Mini Hopper in Black via eBay USA
  • Tyco Wild Thing via eBay Australia (photo attached). In pretty good condition, bumper fix is the priority at the moment.

My wish list would be...

  • Original Jet Hopper (Red)
  • Hopper II
  • Hopper 4WD
  • Fast Traxx!

These are all sold for crazy prices at the moment. So many memories for so many people I guess.


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R/C Toy Memories

Yeah, there's a lot of interest in the Fast Traxx series too these days. Funny because I never saw them in Australia... but I think they were quite popular in the USA. I've owned a few, and there are some collectors out there who want every variety and colour of them.

Good luck with your collecting. Any more finds lately?

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Yes! My wife is getting worried lol 🙂

  • Taiyo Ferrari F-40 9.6v Turbo  - my new favorite. Just posted a video review here, and mentioned/linked RcToymemories 🙂
  • Taiyo Fast Traxx Eliminator - on its way from Japan! So pumped for this!
  • Taiyo Mini Fast Trax - sadly this appears to be a "turn on reverse" model, which I always despised as a kid, but I love that its FastTraxx.
  • Taiyo Lamborghini Countach 9.6v - on its way from Japan. Unfortunately this ones broken (steering arm). I plan on 3D printing a replacement. It needs a lot of love.
  • Taiyo Typhoon 9.6v Original - I had one as a kid. Rubbish to drive, but a fantastic and unique model.

As you can see I've gone a bit mad. Not sure which one I'll post a video on next. Possibly the Countach as I try to fix it up...


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R/C Toy MemoriesMad-Bee


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