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Vintage R/C prices are very high 😮

Has anyone noticed that the prices for vintage R/C cars have been high in recent months? A few months ago I wrote a lengthy article about demand for vintage R/C, but more immediately I just wanted to mention how it's become common to see either...

  • Stratospheric asking prices (though these items don't necessarily sell)
  • High closing prices on bidding auctions

An example...

That's the sold price of a nice (built) Super Hornet recently. Almost double the value of what a new in box one would have sold for, not long ago?

And the list goes on...

And I'm sure there are plenty of other examples.




Just thought I would mention this one also. I noticed that in Japan, a Yokomo YZ-834B Dog Fighter kit... with a fairly old box, and the kit missing the polycarbonate body... was recently sold after 39 bids, for 301,000 yen. That's about AU$4000 or US$2800. It's a pretty rare kit, but this is much higher than I had seen it sell for in the past.