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Vintage R/C prices are very high 😮

Has anyone noticed that the prices for vintage R/C cars have been high in recent months? A few months ago I wrote a lengthy article about demand for vintage R/C, but more immediately I just wanted to mention how it's become common to see either...

  • Stratospheric asking prices (though these items don't necessarily sell)
  • High closing prices on bidding auctions

An example...

That's the sold price of a nice (built) Super Hornet recently. Almost double the value of what a new in box one would have sold for, not long ago?

And the list goes on...

And I'm sure there are plenty of other examples.




Just thought I would mention this one also. I noticed that in Japan, a Yokomo YZ-834B Dog Fighter kit... with a fairly old box, and the kit missing the polycarbonate body... was recently sold after 39 bids, for 301,000 yen. That's about AU$4000 or US$2800. It's a pretty rare kit, but this is much higher than I had seen it sell for in the past.


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Tamyia Boomerang NiB

Tamiya Wild One NiB

In fact this guy seems to be offloading quite a bit of kit

Prices are up, but I'm finding it impossible to find another NiB Hornet or even some vintage parts to repair my vintage build from a couple of years back (the one I purchased from you). Don't see any Grasshoppers either.

I'm still kicking myself for missing that NiB Porsche 959 for 40 quid on gumtree last year!

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R/C Toy Memories

Also one sexy looking box art and silver background. I like the Hotshot II over the original.

$1,500USD though!!

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R/C Toy Memories

@cookie That NIB Porsche 959... (if you are telling the truth 😀 ) would have been a truly incredible bargain. Such a shame you missed it. But never mind, because we all have similar stories.

And yeah, those eBay prices all seem pretty common to me now...all of them translate to AU$1000+ in my currency.

Just had a look to see what else has sold recently. A Fox got AU$900 comfortably.

I know for a fact this Yokomo Dog Fighter sold for the price it was listed for (because I asked the seller).

And this AYK Viper sold very highly, given the car was "possibly complete", half built, etc etc.

This Grasshopper bidded strongly, given it was "new" but also half-built...


A Sand Scorcher sold for around the $2000 mark...


And last but not least... a fan-made model of a female version of the Wild Willy figure, which the modelers called "Wild Wendy", recently sold for ridiculous cash under lots of bids. Note: this is in no way an official "Tamiya" product, just a rare sculpted fan-made plastic figure alternative. Apparently there was demand for it, so...



That Wild Wendy is crazy! I've been thinking of doing my own Tamiya fan "box art" – perhaps this is the impetus I needed? ha!

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R/C Toy Memories

During the pandemic, prices for many things skyrocketed. Look at the used car market! Vintage R/C too. I've seen mint Jet Hoppers for $1000+. Of course, this is when I chose to start a collection, so it's not cheap, but oh so rewarding.

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R/C Toy Memories