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Videos are being restored

A brief notice about videos on this website...

Many of the old articles on the site which featured embedded video clips from Youtube, are currently showing broken videos. This is because those Youtube videos are gone, after I decided to close down my Youtube account.

The videos are now being re-uploaded, to itself. So they will reappear over coming days.

In future, all videos I share will be hosted here on this site. The main reason for this is - I don't want to rely on Google/Youtube for my content anymore. And I now have unlimited storage anyway.

Why did I decide to close my Youtube account? Well Youtube has loads of great content, which I still enjoy as much as anyone. But the reason is I decided to delete all my old Google/Gmail accounts - which in turn, means you can no longer keep a Youtube account. As soon as you delete your Google account, your associated Youtube account is deleted too.

The ongoing questionable behaviour of major social media companies (like Google and Facebook) in recent years, around what they do with user data, means I really don't have any interest in being "locked in" to having them harvest my data just because I want to share a few toy videos... 🙄 So from now on, I will host my own videos. 👍


The Marui Promo videos whose aspect ratio I corrected, from a recording made by someone else, are now available here again:

Vintage Marui R/C car promotional videos

And the lengthy Tamiya R/C Design and Production video, taken from an old VHS tape I got many years ago, has now been restored here:

Tamiya Plastic Model Co. – back in the 1980s


The videos on this article have now been restored.

Australian Tamiya TV commercials from 1985 and 1987