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Tandy off roader 4x4 missing aerial

Hi all,

i have recently found my old Tandy off roader 4x4. It does however have a missing aerial. I have bought two telescopic aerials from ebay only to find that they are too big in diameter. I have then opened up the controller to find that it doesn’t seem to have a when to connect the aerial to the circuitry within the controller.

Can anyone help me with

1. What does the inside of a functioning controller/transmitter look like?

2. Does anyone know what aerial I should be buying?

any help would be much appreciated.


@rich - the aerials in these transmitters were either soldered in, or just screwed in I believe (depending on the model).
The aerial is also a "female" when screwing it in, so that's one thing... and beyond that I think it's going to be pot luck if you try buying random aerial.

The good news though, is that a fair few Taiyo models used the same transmitter as the Radio Shack/Tandy 4x4 - i.e. the early Jet Hoppers also used it, along with many others. So one option is to look for any example of the same unit, from any car, but with the aerial intact. This will at least be the right diameter/length of aerial.

I'm sorry, I'd provide you with a photo... but I have not had the time to look into this recently. Was hoping another visitor to the forum might also be able to assist 🙂




thanks for replying.

I will take a look at the models you suggest, thanks. It must be a screw in aerial as there is a hole in the box for it.