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Taiyo Jet Fighter does nothing when put into reverse gear

Hi all,

not CoViD but being a father and an uncle have put me and my brother's attention back to the one and only RC cars we ever had: The Jet fighter/Jet Eagle. One of the two cars survived, the other one has now been substituted thanks to ebay. So far everything played well except the reverse gear slowly began to fade: From driving only very slowly to now just a hum or hiss coming from the motor side (telling me at least that it's not a faulty remote control)

Does anybody have a clue if that's repairable?

Kind regards,


Hey Heiko - it sounds to me like a gear could be slipping in the gearbox... almost anything is repairable if you are willing to try. Perhaps the easiest fix for this would be to buy another Jet Fighter and use it for parts. Either way, I think you will need to pull the car apart significantly to see what's happening with the gears when the motor runs.

Thanks for your reply,

I will give it a try and reply with my success (or failure ;- )

Hi Rob,

finally ( 😳 ) I managed to pull the car apart. Unfortunately it is not a problem of the gearbox: The pinion that is directly attached to the motor does only rotate a fraction of  a round when going in reverse (producing the humm or hiss i mentioned in my first post). then stops. I guess that means the motor needs to be replaced - unfortunately there are no cheap (defective) jet fighters on ebay right now and I cannot spot any number on the motor (except the manufacturer "mabuchi Motors"), Do you know if there's a substitute one can buy instead?

Kind regards,


@heikos - I am pretty sure that if we can identify the exact motor, Mabuchi probably still manufacture an equivalent.

From memory - I think it might be a Mabuchi RE-260 motor I think?

For example -