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Starting a Tyco / Taiyo Collection - Check my videos!

I must thank RCToyMemories for inspiring me to start collecting Tyco / Taiyo / Metro cars during lockdown in Australia. I now have 6 of them, with more on the way from a source I discovered in Japan, many of them barely used.

Here's some video reviews I've posted, if you like them please help my channel with a Like/Subscribe, I'd really appreciate it!!

Latest video: Taiyo Ferrari F-40 9.6v Turbo

Taiyo Fast Traxx 9.6v

Metro RC Wild Thing II

Also in my collection (no videos yet)
- Taiyo Fast Traxx Eliminator (Bandit type body!)
- Taiyo Typhoon Hovercraft
- Taiyo Jet Hopper (perfect condition)
- Taiyo 9.6v Lamborghini (poor condition, on its way from Japan, will try to refurbish.. needs a new 3D printed steering arm)
- Taiyo Mini Traxx 9.6v

Personally I feel WPL/CXD makes models similar to Taiyo. They're cheapish, Toy Grade with Hobby Grade quality. I'd recommend checking out their full size 1/10 WPL D12 (huge number of upgrades, see my video here) or their latest CXD D-12 Mini reviewed here.


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R/C Toy Memories

A Wild Thing, in the box, and a Head's-Up at that???  I don't like you.  😈   So, yeah, um, like, Who's this source you have in Japan?  😉

All the buggies in the Head's-Up-style family are SO good-looking- I need one of each!  Have  a mint red HU Turbo Hopper, a Really decent Black Rider (Just needs better decals, and a chap on here might do me a set,) and two Flawless, rare Dallas Cowboys Turbo Hoppers, but no Wild Thing. Dang you!  Diggin' it, Chris

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haha yeah, the Wild Thing was the first one I got I think. Dallas Cowboys Turbo Hoppers!? That's RARE! Many of the best ones I've bought from online auctions in japan, but the postage is horrific (more than the cars) so these days I'm searching directly for European items that don't show up in eBay global search, then just messaging the seller to see if they'll ship to Australia. They usually do. Too much of the stuff on eBay Australia and USA is beaten up I find, but the Germans and Italians seem to keep their models in good condition 🙂


Yeah, those 2 little words (plus shipping) are the rock many dreams are shattered upon.  Makes a Yuge difference!  I feel bad for ya, starting a Tyco collection now- You're in the boat I'm usually in, bummed out at the chaps who already got these cars for 'cheap' while I'm selling organs to pay for one.

Trying to add 2 pics, the Dallas car & the original JCPenny ad for it.  I got the 1st car a couple yrars back for $200 & a 2nd a few months later for $40, so basically $120 each.  Thing is, they are both SO Absolutely without flaw I can't believe it!  I think both were given to Dallas fans, who never bothered to get the batteries, as they were never run once& the rubber is jaw-hanger perfect (As are the battery covers.)  Super-Lucky on these for sure, they have Pride of Place in my collection.  Chris

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