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Starting a Tyco / Taiyo Collection - Check my videos!

I must thank RCToyMemories for inspiring me to start collecting Tyco / Taiyo / Metro cars during lockdown in Australia. I now have 6 of them, with more on the way from a source I discovered in Japan, many of them barely used.

Here's some video reviews I've posted, if you like them please help my channel with a Like/Subscribe, I'd really appreciate it!!

Latest video: Taiyo Ferrari F-40 9.6v Turbo

Taiyo Fast Traxx 9.6v

Metro RC Wild Thing II

Also in my collection (no videos yet)
- Taiyo Fast Traxx Eliminator (Bandit type body!)
- Taiyo Typhoon Hovercraft
- Taiyo Jet Hopper (perfect condition)
- Taiyo 9.6v Lamborghini (poor condition, on its way from Japan, will try to refurbish.. needs a new 3D printed steering arm)
- Taiyo Mini Traxx 9.6v

Personally I feel WPL/CXD makes models similar to Taiyo. They're cheapish, Toy Grade with Hobby Grade quality. I'd recommend checking out their full size 1/10 WPL D12 (huge number of upgrades, see my video here) or their latest CXD D-12 Mini reviewed here.