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Site Updates...

G'day everyone,

After a long quiet spell, the website has received a major visual overhaul + other upgrades this month. Such as the addition of new features, including this discussion forum.

Obviously it takes years for forums to gain members and visitors. But hopefully you will join in, and post a message now and then.

Some users have reported difficulty in signing up to the forum. Hopefully those issues are now resolved. Please send a message via the Contact page if you are unable to login to the forum for any reason.




The Tamiya Frog Vintage vs Remake comparison page has had an overhaul, and now uses a much neater looking searchable table. So you can search for any part in the list very quickly, instead of scrolling through. The data is also now stored in a proper database.

“The Frog” by Tamiya: Vintage vs Remake

This revised table style will be used for all other comparison tables in the future 🙂

The recent article about The Frog has now been updated to include all three of the original Frog promo videos (I did some hours of research to ensure I figured out every different promo video, and when they were released!), plus the much loved Punky Brewster episode.

“The Frog”, by Tamiya (1983)

My article from many years ago, about The Hornet, has been updated now with additional images, some revised text and details, and both known official Hornet promo videos.

“The Hornet”, by Tamiya (1984)

Currently working on new articles... in my spare time 😉  As I often am. But articles can take many days or weeks of research. That's why there is often a lengthy gap between new posts. Anyway, thanks to everyone for stopping by and reading from time to time.

After a hiatus of quite a few months, I am back to writing occasional new blog posts for anyone who happens to be stopping by.

I also had a nice vintage RC find recently. This new in box Acoms Techniplus radio set 🤔




Uploaded files:
  • A5156604-3935-4AAF-A052-E8183FEC14AE.jpeg

Great find.

A brief update from me about recent work on this website 😀

In recent weeks, I have spent about 40 hours working on the site. Namely, on the following:

  • Two new articles.
  • Updating the specifications/model history at the bottom of each "car" article (still ongoing - I probably have 20 more hours of work on this 🧐)
  • Updating the article excerpts.
  • Fixing CSS issues.
  • Fixing images on articles (many are displaying too small, after the site's design/theme was changed last year)

The specifications/history stuff means replacing this format of information on car pages (which was plain html)...

With this format (which is database driven and easier for me to maintain)...

I know it probably seems like not a lot changes on at times. And it's true there are periods where I do not have the time to update the site much 🙁  But where possible, a lot of work still gets done from time to time. 👍  As always, thanks for stopping by.


Some more general updates. The page below has now been fixed up - with missing photos saved from a now defunct Norwegian R/C website (where I was previously hotlinking them), and videos restored (now hosted on so they don't break again in future!)

Racing drivers and R/C cars

The Tamiya Hotshot page has been updated to explain that there were 2 original promo videos for this car, and when they were released. Both of the videos have now been added also, in better quality than the one I had there before.

Tamiya Hotshot (1985)