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Selling RC cars in huge bulk lots is not a very good idea...

...unless the price is insanely low. 😑

I am always amazed when I see ads like this for sale. (It’s not all vintage RC, but some of it is, so that’s why I glanced at it)...

Every few months I see something like this, with a seller asking a huge price ($10k +) for a large lot of cars all at once, and insisting “will not separate”.

And... 🤷🏻‍♂️ Well as someone who has humbly collected, bought and sold for over 20 years, I just want to point out how badly this idea limits the chance of the seller actually finding a buyer - based on simple mathematical probability. The seller effectively needs a buyer who:

  • Likes the look of that specific bulk lot of RC cars, and...
  • Has $10k+ available to actually spend, and...
  • Would be willing to spend that $10k+ on that specific bulk lot of RC cars, and...
  • Lives within driving distance of the seller, because postage of all those cars will be impossible, and...
  • Has the means to collect and transport all those cars, and...
  • Has the space to store all those cars at home.

If the cars were sold separately, there might be dozens of buyers out there who are candidates to buy each one.

But what are the chances there is even 1 candidate buyer out there, for the entire massive lot? 🤔 These kinds of bulk lots only get interest if they are insanely cheap - and from buyers who think they can quickly re-sell a lot of it immediately, and turn a profit.

So to cap it all off from the seller’s perspective - any seller would usually get better prices selling items individually, than they ever would for a bulk price. 🤷🏻‍♂️

And yet still, these massive bulk lots come up for sale every few months...🤔


It's just laziness, I think. People looking for a quick buck with minimum effort. Or, I suppose, it could be someone's significant other demanding that they sell "all those toy cars," so they list them all at once for an impossible price, so they can say "See? No one wants them. I guess I have to keep them..."

Twice, I have bought largish lots: one lot of four RC10s and several boxes of parts, all for $400 US. The cars included were a used-but-nice Worlds car, a new-built early RC10T, and two new late RC10CEs, one of which was only half-assembled. I ended up nearly doubling my money, and still have some of the parts. The other one was for another lot of RC10s and 10Ts, although these were rougher. About six cars in total, in various stages of disrepair, for $250. I fixed up 3 or 4 of them and sold them off, for a smallish profit, and got two solid-but-ugly runners out of it, and almost all the parts I would need to build a third.

Not long after, I did sell a lot of cars all at once, but they were mostly built from leftovers from other restorations, two or three Kyosho Raiders, a Tamiya Frog, and various bodies, along with some old Futaba radio gear I was never going to use. I sold the lot for $200 to a guy who wanted them to fix up with his kids, and he was thrilled to get them.

But ten grand, for those? No thanks....

It is simply just not a good selling model, to much criteria needs to be met to secure the right buyer.

As you mentioned Rob, the price would have to be very low for that transaction to be a possibility.




Indeed 😀  And yeah, you may have a good theory there Mark - i.e. being asked to sell by someone, then "proving" that they don't sell.

On a related note, Australian Gumtree has quite a few "wanted" listings for vintage RC cars... and every once in a while I see another one. Is this something you guys also see, elsewhere in the world? i.e. on Gumtree (or equivalent)