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Radio Shack transmitter

Hello... I am an amateur when it comes to the R/C toys I have and am trying to get working.

I have a Radio Shack Wild Horse R/C truck but no transmitter for it.  I know the frequency should be 27.145 MHz so I purchased some cheap transmitters off the web with matching frequency, but they did not work properly.... basically they did not engage the steering or reverse.  I opened up the truck and adjusted the inductor to see if that would help, but it made no difference.

I then came across a very similar transmitter on eBay for a Radio Shack Wild Cougar, with the same frequency, just a slightly different model number on the transmitter.  I played with the adjustment inductor on both the truck and the new transmitter, and it still will not work properly.  The Radio Shack transmitter actually engages the steering now, but it still does not control the truck properly.

I suppose I have to wait until the exact model transmitter pops up somewhere?

Or replace the circuitry in the truck and get a universal transmitter (money I would rather not spend and I have no idea how to do this properly)?

Or is there some other option?

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This is a pretty common question, and the easiest fix is... to get the exact transmitter. Which can be difficult. But your best chance is to setup saved searches on eBay and wait, because a lot of them do come up eventually.

Similar style transmitters from the same brand usually won't work unless they have the exact same functions. And even then, there's a chance they may still not work due to other subtleties in the circuitry that were designed for one car, but not another.

In the case of the Radio Shack Wild Horse - the Radio Shack Wild Pony transmitter might also work as this was a little brother to the bigger truck, and was released at the exact same time and had the same functions.

The Wild Horse was also sold as the Nikko Crazy Horse (since Nikko was the manufacturer). So that's another option to search for.

Going down the road of replacing the entire circuitry is a big job, but better than throwing the car in the bin 🤷‍♂️ However, the downside is the originality of the car will be ruined, if you ever want to sell it. Some buyers may appreciate a model with reworked electronics, but personally I would never buy one.



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That's what I sort of thought..... thank you for the reply!

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R/C Toy MemoriesBranko

For a transmitter to be compatible with a car, the frequency and coding must match.
If the 27Mh car does not have an RX crystal in the electronics, it captures all emissions from bands 1 to 6 (26995 to 27225Mhz). Therefore, the transmitters you have tested cause interference but drive the car well: they do not have the proper coding.

Many Radio Shack Rc toys were manufactured by Nikko in the 1980s and early 1990s.
Nikko Crazy Horse appears in a 1990 catalog.
At that time, many Nikko cars used the C1059CA decoder in their electronics.
The compatible transmitter must have the encoder C1069C, like these:



The transmitter of the Nikko Super Fox or Dictator Jr. (1/14) could be compatible.

Check the i.c. (decoder) that your RC car has.



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I finally found the correct Radio Shack Wild Horse transmitter on eBay, using a saved search (never knew you could do this before haha)!

I had to make some adjustments to the truck inductor to get everything working properly as I had adjusted it quite a lot when trying to get other transmitters to function, but whatever, it works 🙂

I threw an 8.4V battery pack in it instead of the 7.2V that it originally came with.... works very well.. I hope the over voltage doesn't cause any issues.

Thanks for the help!